Fishing truly is a family affair, making memories to last a lifetime. Introducing young children to fishing right here on the Indian River is one of the best ways to build your traditions.

How can you introduce children to fishing? Below are some ideas to help you instill a love of fishing and the outdoors in your young family members and friends.

Getting Started

When you want children to pick up a new activity, introducing it in a fun way is essential. Pique kids’ interest in fishing by:

Taking the kids to the riverbanks or take a river cruise. Talk about the water, point out the fish, share some memories and build anticipation.

Make an impression through your stories. Think back to when you were young and what those special times meant to you.
Talk about fishing beforehand using basic terms such as rod, reel, bait and lure. Get them used to the lingo to make them feel comfortable identifying their gear.

Stop by our tackle shop to see the equipment, the boats and the dock, and meet our friendly staff. Say hello and ask for pointers from our captains.

Safety for Young Children While Fishing

When kids are fishing, make sure you leave plenty of room between you and the next person when casting. To help your children learn the motions, simply tie a weight at the end of the line and cast. Practice without a hook and bait at first.

Model other safety practices such as wearing proper clothing and shoes — avoid bare feet and open shoes — and items like a hat, sunglasses or protective eyewear and sunscreen. Make sure you clearly explain the safety rules and never leave a child unattended. If fishing from a boat, a safety vest is mandatory. Also, consider providing children with motion sickness medication before the trip.

Pack some snacks and water. A hungry kid can quickly become a grumpy kid, and that’s when accidents happen.

Equipment for Kid Fishing

You can teach young children to fish without fancy gear. Choose equipment they can grow with, and select ultra-light rods and reels that work well for children. A small tackle box and bait will make your youngster feel like a champ and teach organizational skills. You can get lures in various shapes and colors. Start with debarbed hooks and master casting before adding hooks.

Stop by our tackle shop, and our staff can suggest equipment for any age. We love introducing children to this great activity!

Set Expectations for Your Fishing Trip

Let the child guide the day’s activities and encourage curiosity. If they want to sit and expectantly wait for a wiggle on the line, that’s great. If they want to play with the worms, that’s fine too. Take the day at the child’s speed and enjoy the experience. If they do catch a fish, celebrate!

Vero Tackle & Watersports offers boat tours and fishing charters along the Indian River. Our captains are Coast Guard Certified, and we can teach you to identify the area’s best fishing spots. We offer half-day, six-hour or full-day fishing expeditions. The four-hour trip may be too long for young fishers at first, but they’ll be up to the challenge in no time. Contact us online to book your fishing trip today!