Fishing Charter FAQ


  Guaranteed to catch fish?

No, like fishing everywhere, you won’t always catch a fish on a fishing charter. That being said, it’s pretty rare we don’t catch any fish. Could have a day that you didn’t catch exactly what you wanted or didn’t get that keeper-slot-snook to have for lunch. It’s likely you’ll catch fish; you just might not catch the exact fish you had your heart set on.

  What kind of fish will you catch?

    • Good question, this is one of the best parts of fishing the Indian River Lagoon. We get a huge variety of fish! First, we should mention our trifecta, this is a goal for all our guides. It’s when you catch a Snook, Red Fish and a Spotted Sea Trout in one trip. Those are good days. Here is a list of some fish you could catch while on the water with one of our captains.

      • Black Drum
      • Jack Crevalle
      • Bluefish
      • Pompano
      • Red Drum (Red Fish)
      • Sheepshead
      • Spanish Mackerel
      • Snook
      • Tarpon
      • Whiting
      • Triple Tail
      • Flounder
      • Lady Fish
      • Mangrove Snapper
      • Permit
      • Gag Grouper
      • Spotted Sea Trout

    What’s included in the fishing charter?

    • Coast Guard Certified Captain
    • Flats or bay boat suited to the shallow water of the Indian River Lagoon
    • Fuel
    • Fishing Licenses
    • Usually live shrimp
    • Rod & Reel setup to fish our area
    • Ice
    • Bottled Water

    Should you tip your fishing guide?

    Absolutely, they’d really appreciate it. It is not mandatory, but it is customary to tip.  Trips are expensive, if you’ve ever owned a boat, you know that’s expensive too.

    What is the cancellation policy?

    • No-Show-No-Call will be charged the full amount of Fishing Charter
    • Cancellation after 5pm day before will be charged the full amount of Fishing Charter
    • Cancellation within 24 hours* of the charter will be charged the full amount of Fishing Charter
    • Bookings made within 24 hours* of charter start time are non-refundable or transferable unless Captain cancels the trip for weather or mechanical
    • The captain may cancel the Fishing Charter for weather or mechanical issue at any time. You will be rescheduled or refunded if unable to reschedule. Only the Captain may cancel for weather, Florida weather is unique, rain percentage does not necessarily mean it will rain.
    • Cancellation between 72 hours* and 24 hours* will receive a gift card or reschedule for another date in the future.
    • Cancellation more than 72 hours* before the Fishing Charter will receive a full refund if booked online, or release of authorization.

    The real point is that we want to take you fishing, we don’t want to charge you and not take you fishing. But if you cancel last minute you leave a captain onshore without someone to go fishing with. Within the 24-hour window, they likely passed up the opportunity to take someone else. Let’s just go fishing

    *Fishing Charter start time will be used to determine the hour window. i.e. 8am charter must cancel before 8am the day before charter for it to be counted as 24 hours.

    How many people can go on a fishing charter?

    It really depends on the fishing charter captain and the type of boat they have. Most of our guides will take 1-3 anglers, a couple will take 1-4 anglers, and the pontoon boat will take as many as 6 anglers. It also might depend on the experience level of the guests. Novices will need more room than experienced anglers. Best to call the shop if there are any questions, we’d be happy to make sure you get the right captain and boat for your trip.

    Is there a bathroom on the boat?

    No bathroom or head, as they’re referred to on a boat, but there is a bathroom at the tackle shop we set out from. Our captains have been doing this a very long time, don’t be shy to let them know what you need, they’ll be happy to make sure you’re comfortable

    Will other groups be on the charter?

    Fishing Charters at Vero Tackle are private charters, it will be only your group with your private captain and guide.

    Will the captain clean our catch?

    Absolutely, we have a fish cleaning station at our marina you set out from. Your guide would be happy to clean and fillet your fish. They can also take it directly to the Riverside Café that’s connected to our marina, they’d be happy to cook it up for a small fee.

    Where do we meet the captain?

    You’ll meet your guide/captain at Vero Tackle & Watersports at 3321 Bridge Plaza Dr Vero Beach FL 32963. Your guide will have the boat ready to go in our marina by the time you arrive.

    Do I need a fishing license?

    Nope, you are covered under the guide’s commercial fishing license.

    Do you offer gift certificates for fishing charters?

    We absolutely do! Click here to get a link to purchase one online or come into Vero Tackle to purchase one in person.

    Is Bait included?

    Bait is included in the fishing charter. Most of the time we’ll be using live shrimp. It seems to work the best for a wide variety of fish in the Indian River Lagoon. Please let the shop know if you have a specific type of bait you’d prefer, we’ll do our best to get it. If not, you’ll likely be fishing with live bait.

    How far in advance should I make a reservation?

    Earlier the better, especially if you have a specific guide you’d prefer. Some parts of the year are busier than others, but we do stay busy year-round. We can make a reservation as little as 24 hours or years in advance.

    Can kids go on the charters?

    Absolutely! Kids are very welcome to go on a fishing trip with Vero Tackle. Our guides are fantastic with kids and will teach them to fish. Charters are also a great way to catch a child’s first fish, or take them fishing if you’re not as experienced, and want to make sure they have a good time.

    How do I make a reservation?

    You can book a fishing charter through our website by CLICKING HERE, or by calling the tackle shop at 772-234-9585


    What is needed to reserve a trip?

    All you need is a date you want to go, then either pay online at our website or call the tackle shop with a credit card to hold the reservation. By calling the shop they will place a hold on the credit card for the fishing charter, you can change the payment method at the time of the charter.


    What kind of charters do you offer?

    Our most popular fishing charter is our Half Day Fishing Charter on the Indian River Lagoon. That’s a 4-hour trip that may start at different times, depending on the time of year.

    We also offer the Indian River Lagoon inshore trip for ¾ and ½ trips.

    Weather and conditions permitting we also offer nearshore fishing trips going out the Fort Pierce inlet or Sebastian Inlet.

    What can we not bring on the trip?

    You’re welcome to bring food and drinks on board. We do discourage bringing messy food that requires silverware. If you can eat it one-handed it should be good.

    We also request you do not bring spray sunscreens. They are very hard to clean off the deck and can cause damage to the gel coating on the boat.

    Will I get seasick?

    Not likely on an inshore fishing trip on the Indian River Lagoon. You won’t have the same motion you’d experience in the Ocean. Boat wake is usually about it. You will also be able to see land and/or the bottom-most of the time.

    Can we bring spray sunscreen on our Fishing Charter?

    It’s highly recommended to bring sunscreen. We only ask that you not apply spray sunscreens while on the boat.

    Our preferred method is long sleeve SPF shirts, gaiters and hats. They work great, keep you cool and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to reapply

    Where will we go on our Fishing Trip?

    Inshore: You’ll be on the Indian River Lagoon. Don’t let the name fool you. This is no river, it’s a brackish estuary that has a huge variety of fish. It’s usually well protected from wind and is full of secret fishing spots we’d like to show you.

    Nearshore: You’ll be in the Atlantic Ocean but near the beach. May also be near an inlet. If the conditions are suited for these trips they can lead to some amazing fish.



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