Fishing Charters Near Vero Beach, Florida

If you’re looking to experience fishing in the Indian River Lagoon or near shore ocean fishing, you’ve come to the best place in town with Vero Tackle and Marina. When you book a fishing charter expedition with us, you can choose how long you’d like to spend on the water as well as who you’d like to captain your charter!

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or book your charter with Vero Tackle & Watersports by clicking the “book now” button below.

Why Choose Vero Tackle & Watersports for Your Fishing Charters?

Fishing charters offer a unique fishing experience for those who often fish as well as those who have never done it before. During your fishing charter, you’ll learn more about the best fishing spots in the area, get fishing tips and catch a variety of beautiful and delicious fish!

Our inshore flats boats cater to one to four anglers, perfect for a day of fishing for small groups. For larger parties, we have a 28-foot pontoon boat that can fit groups of four to six people. Fishing charters with us are a fun day for just you and a friend, your family or a larger group. Our vessels are great for private fishing tournaments or corporate retreats, so book a fishing charter with us for your group today!

When you book your fishing charter trip with Vero Tackle and Marina, you will see that we meet all the safety requirements, as we are licensed by the Coast Guard and carry insurance. Vero Tackle and Marina wants all of our guests to have a fishing charter that is both fun and safe.

Our fishing charter rates are competitive in the area. Check out our fishing charter rates for inshore, beach and inlet and offshore expeditions for four, six and eight hours in the tables below.

    Inshore Fishing Charter Rates

    Beach and Inlet Charter Rates

    Offshore Fishing Charter Rates:

    Please call us for pricing and availability.

    Types of Fish We Catch

    One of the best parts of a fishing charter with us is the opportunity to catch a variety of fish. The local fish are beautiful to see in the water and even better to catch and eat! Book your chartering trip based on the kinds of fish you could catch, or just see what you can get!

    During inshore lagoon fishing trips, you can catch varieties of fish such as:

    • Snook
    • Tarpon
    • Redfish
    • Trout

    Our Passionate and Experienced Captains

    When you choose a fishing charter trip with Vero Tackle & Watersports, one of our experienced captains will accompany you. Our captains are seasoned and have been fishing nearly their whole lives. They know the water better than the land! We have six captains who can each take one to four anglers. No matter which captain you choose to charter your fishing expedition, you will enjoy fishing in the Vero Beach area.

    Our captains are:

      Brian Williamson

      Brian is an avid fisherman who boasts over 45 years of fishing experience. He has been a captain for 27 years and has been a fishing guide for 26 years. Brian has his 100 tons masters captains’ license and a USCG license, and he is also a certified EMT. His charter expeditions are inshore on a 24 foot Islamorada, suitable for up to four anglers. Brian also does fly fishing trips.

      Book your fishing charter with Brian today!

      Billy Davenport Sr.

      Billy Sr. has his OUPV 6 pack captains’ license and uses a Hewes 19 Redfish boat that fits three guests for his fishing expeditions. He’s a lifetime fisherman with 10 years of experience as a captain and 10 years as a fishing guide. His fishing charter trips are inshore, and he also charters fly fishing trips. Billy Sr. has won many local fishing tournaments and says his favorite fish to catch are snook, redfish, trout and tarpon.

      Book your fishing charter with Billy Sr. today!

      Tom Fredrickson

      Tom has been a fisherman for 50 years, with nine years as a captain and nine years as a fishing guide. His captains’ license is the Coast Guard OUPV or 6 pack, and he also has certifications for CPR and First Aid. Tom does inshore fishing charters and fly fishing trips on an 18-foot Maverick Master Angler flats boat that fits four people.

      Book your fishing charter with Tom today!

      Bruddy Tyson

      Bruddy has his OUPV captains’ license and is also licensed with the Coast Guard. He does inshore fishing charters and fly fishing trips on a 21-foot Maverick Master Angler that seats three guests. Bruddy has been fishing since childhood and has spent 20 years as a captain and 20 years as a fishing guide.

      Book your fishing charter with Bruddy today!

      Andrew Flaig

      Andrew does inshore, beach and inlet fishing charters from a Shearwater Bay Boat that is 20 feet long and seats four guests. He has been fishing for 22 years, has been a captain for two years and has been a fishing guide for one and a half years. Andrew has a 6 pack captains’ license. He does not charter fly fishing trips.

      Book your fishing charter with Andrew today!

      Matt Reynolds

      Matt has been a fisherman for 15 years and has been a captain and fishing guide for three years. He has his 6 pack captains’ license. Matt leads inshore, beach and inlet fishing charters from a 22-foot Pathfinder boat. He can accommodate four guests and does not charter fly fishing trips.

      Book your fishing charter with Matt today!

      Billy Davenport Jr.

      More info coming soon!

      Book Your Fishing Charter With Vero Tackle & Watersports Today

      If you want to spend your day fishing in Vero Beach, a fishing charter with Vero Tackle & Watersports is the place to go. Our expeditions are on boats large enough for your group with an experienced captain at the helm and are the perfect opportunity for catching your own local fish!

      If you’re interested in a charter, then the most immediate way to ensure accommodations is to book online. Click the “book now” button below or click the links under each captain’s information to book your trip with them.

      When booking your trip with us, please keep our booking and cancellation policy in mind:

      • All fishing charters require a credit card to reserve the charter
      • Cancellations made within 48 hours will be charged half of the charter rate
      • Cancellations made within 24 hours will be charged the full charter rate

      If you want to learn more about our fishing charters or other offerings or have any questionsget in touch with us for more information by filling out our contact form online or calling our store phone at 772-234-9585. We are looking forward to our fishing trip with you!


         “Just got back from fishing the beautiful river with Capt. Brian. We had a great time. We caught 5 snook, a handful of redfish, several trout, and even snapper. My arms are totally worn out! There are several guides that do this here I’m sure they are all good. If you’re in Vero for a few days don’t miss out on the fishing. It’s soooo worth it.

        After you fish don’t forget about the restaurant that you have to walk thru to get there. That place is incredible. I think it was called Riverside or something. The food is outstanding and the drinks were so justified after a long day of fishing with Brian. This place even cooked our fish for us!! We came back later that night for happy hour cause we loved it so much. We were not surprised that the place was packed with locals. They told us this is where everybody goes. So not only did we have a great fishing trip we also got to enjoy a great dinner right on the water. Don’t miss if you’re in Vero Beach.”

        – Brian L

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