Paddleboarding is an activity everyone can enjoy regardless of their age or skill level. All it takes is practice, and we’re here to help you.

Some skilled paddleboarders use their adventures to:

Bond with their dogs on the water.
Do yoga.
Enjoy scenic lunches.
Go board fishing.

The Indian River in Vero Beach sits between the barrier island and mainland, so the water is shallow and calm. Learning to paddleboard is easy in these conditions. There’s a learning curve, but most people get the hang of paddleboarding right away.

We’ve gathered some paddleboarding tips for beginners to help you master stand-up paddleboarding. Soon, you’ll enjoy taking in the ambiance of the Indian River Lagoon from your board.

Paddleboarding Techniques

The best way to get comfortable on a paddleboard is first to imagine yourself on the board and envision the physical movements of getting on and progressing to standing:

Stand alongside the board in shallow water.

Hold the board along the edges, about mid-way, and climb onto the board using your knees. You’ll feel a rocking motion, and you may need a few tries, but that’s normal.

With your hands on the sides of the board for stability, slowly move one foot to where your knee is — right foot to right knee — and do the same with the other foot and knee.

Slowly raise your chest first, so it’s vertical to the board, then stand with your legs fully extended.

A steady standing position requires remaining in the board’s center and keeping your feet parallel, about hip-width apart. Relax and slightly bend your knees to get comfortable. Keep your eyes on the horizon.

Now, it’s time to paddle! Similar to sweeping with a broom, hold the paddle’s handle with both hands. When paddling on the right side of the board, your left hand will be above your right. Alternate your hands’ positions to paddle on the left side. Paddleboarding is a water sport, so you will get wet, and almost everyone falls in the water at some point.

If you feel you’re going to lose your balance, aim for the water, not the board. If you can, hold on to your paddle. Remember what we taught you about getting on the board, and do it again. Soon, you’ll feel like an expert, and you may even “fake a fall” in the summer just to cool off. Many paddleboarders don’t wear a life jacket, but we encourage it based on your comfort level.

Book a Paddleboard Session to Test Your Skills

We offer paddleboard lessons and rentals, guided tours, including our popular two-hour sunset or full moon tours, yoga classes on the board and even paddleboard rentals on the beach for your ocean exploration.

Every paddleboard excursion or rental comes with a lesson. We are the only water sports business in Vero Beach with certified American Canoe Association instructors.

Make a reservation ahead of time for an in-season or holiday trip because our rentals fill up fast. Soon, you’ll be high-fiving your friends after an excellent glide on the water.


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