D.O.A  3″  C.A.L Shad Tail 351 Rootbeer/Chart Tail

D.O.A Fishing Lures D.O.A Fishing Lures

Freshwater fishing? Check. Saltwater fishing? No problem. DOA CAL paddle tails and flukes can catch anything from Largemouth Bass and Snakehead in freshwater, to Snook and Redfish in Saltwater. DOA CAL’s have been known as the lure with the unfair advantage. They’re a super versatile bait that not only can be used in different bodies of water, but they catch fish! They are a super affordable bait that usually come in a pack of twelve and costs around five dollars.

I’ve had really good luck with darker colors and anything with a chartreuse tail. I don’t know what it is about the chartreuse tail but the fish absolutely love it. One of the cool things about the DOA CAL series lures is you can put a jig head on the paddle tail and start throwing or, you can weedless rig the fluke and not worry about getting stuck on grass or weeds.

The paddle tails are more of a slow and steady retrieve for me, and the flukes you can throw deep in the mangroves or bounce them off of the bottom really slow.

In my personal experience with these lures the only thing I don’t love is that they aren’t super durable. After one decent sized snook I have to throw on another lure because the other one is tore up. Other than that, these are all in all a good lure and I recommend them to pretty much anybody that comes in to the tackle shop interested in throwing artificials. 


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D.O.A Fishing Lures D.O.A Fishing Lures