Captain Donovan Brady

Had the pleasure of taking 2 awesome clients out for a half day trip. Started the morning off right by catching some nice eating mangrove snapper. Clients wanted to target something to pull a little more drag so we left the snapper biting to find something else. We ended up running into a massive school of jacks, bluefish, and ladyfish aka poor man’s tarpon. Pulled on those for quite some time, and even had a nice Gag Grouper come up from the bottom and take a swing at a hooked jack boat-side. Talk about making your heart JUMP! Just as we got ready to leave them biting, one of the guys hooked a MASSIVE jack. We fought it for just over an hour and even had it boat-side a few times. However, the jack made one huge final run and blew out the drag on the reel causing the angler to lose the fish. Talk about heartbreak. Look forward to the next fishing adventure. Tight lines, and happy Labor Day weekend!

Fishing Charters Vero Beach