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Kayaking is a fun and engaging activity that offers a wide range of benefits to both your body and mind, and it can help improve your everyday life in many unexpected ways. At Vero Tackle & Watersports, we are passionate about kayaking and its benefits. Here are six reasons why we recommend that everybody tries kayaking at least once:

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All that paddling really gets your blood pumping! A kayaking session provides all the healthy heart and lung benefits you can expect from aerobic exercise while being far more exciting than running on a treadmill or pedaling a stationary bike. What’s more is that since you’re out exploring nature and having a fantastic time, it’s likely that you will get more cardio than you would have otherwise.

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Most people know that kayaking strengthens your arms, but it may come as a surprise that it’s actually a workout for your entire body. Using the paddles to propel yourself through the water involves the use of your shoulders, chest, and back. Meanwhile, keeping yourself out of the water as you twist to paddle on both sides of the kayak involves using your core and legs for balance the whole time, improving your strength in those areas as well.

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There are many choices out there when it comes to exercising, and some have more potential for injury than others. Another one of the positive things about kayaking is that it is considered a low-impact sport, meaning that it does not put potentially damaging pressure or stress on your joints. This can make it a great choice when you’re looking to improve your stamina and endurance without having to worry about extra safety measures.

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Going out for a kayaking session has many positive effects on your mind, too. Study after study has found that being outdoors reduces feelings of stress and exercising releases what are often referred to as “feel good” chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and endorphins. These are naturally produced by your body and have been shown to not only improve your mood but also increase your focus and memory.

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Sun exposure is one of the best ways to get your daily vitamin D because it’s easier and more efficient than getting it from food. Most kayaking sessions will run well over the 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight needed to get your vitamin D for the day, so we always recommend consistently applying sunscreen to protect your skin from damage while you have fun in the sun.

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Kayaking opens up a lot of opportunities to meet new people – whether you attend a tour or event, join a local kayaking group, or simply happen upon other people exploring the same body of water. It’s also a wonderful way to spend quality time with friends and family. And if you want to take a social break every once in a while, a solo kayaking trip can be an excellent way to carve out time for self-reflection while experiencing the beauty of nature.

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If you’d like to experience the benefits of kayaking without committing to an expensive kayak purchase, book a rental or tour with us at Vero Tackle & Watersports. We offer lessons with each reservation, so you can go out on the scenic Indian River Lagoon feeling confident and ready for your kayaking adventures. The benefits will speak for themselves!

Author: Lauren Hamer