Boat Tours FAQ

Sightseeing and Tiki Boat Tour FAQ

How much do boat tours cost?

The River Tour:
$120 for 1-3 humans
$40 each additional human
Up to 6 humans
Pets: Free

Cabana Boat Tour:
$120 for 1-3 humans
$40 each additional human
Up to 6 humans
Pets: Free


How long are the boat tour?

The Sightseeing Boat Tour will be on the water for an hour and a half.

What kind of boat is the tour on?

We use a custom build 28’ pontoon boat named Potamoi, after the Greek God of rivers. She has plenty of space for 6 guests in full shade or full sun.

What should we bring for my boat tour?

We’ll supply all safety equipment, but we’d recommend bringing sunglasses, a hat, water, and sunscreen. Please do not apply spray sunscreen on the boat, it stains the seats and deck.

Do you offer boat tour group rates?

Since all Boat tours on the Indian River Lagoon are small private groups, we do not have a special price for groups. The normal rates are:

$120 for 1-3 humans
$40 each additional human
Up to 6 humans
Pets: Free

Is the Boat tour private?

Most boat tours with Vero Tackle & Watersports are private tours. We prefer to not mix tour groups with each other. However, some tours have ticketed options and can have several different groups on one tour. For example, our Stargazing trip has a private tour option or a ticket option. 

Please be aware the ticket option does have a minimum number of guests needed to host the boat tour. Private trips have do not have these restrictins.

Is there a bathroom on the tour boat?

There is not a bathroom on the tour boat Potamoi. We do have one at the check-in location at Vero Tackle & Watersports.

Where do we meet the tour boat?

You will meet the tour boat at Vero Tackle & Watersports

3321 Bridge Plaza Dr Vero Beach FL 32963.

Click Here for a Google Maps Link

Will I get seasick on a boat tour?

You’re not likely to get seasick. We’ll be on the Indian River Lagoon for the entire boat tour. This is a Brackish Estuary that’s fairly small and well protected from wind and waves. If it’s rough enough to get you sick, we’ll likely reschedule for a better day. It’s generally very calm on the Indian River Lagoon.

How many people can go on the Boat Tour?

We operate under the uninspected vessel classification from the United States Coast Guard. This means we can only take 6 humans at a time, that includes children.

Are we allowed to bring food on the boat tour?

You absolutely are. Feel free to bring food and drinks. If needed, we can have a bag of ice for you. We have a cooler on board, you are also welcomed to bring your own cooler.

Will we see alligators in the Indian River Lagoon?

Not likely. We rarely see alligators in the Indian River Lagoon. They are not fans of the salt in the brackish water and definitely do not like all the human traffic. They tend to like freshwater that is calm and quiet.

Does the tour boat have shade?

The tour boat Potamoi has enough shade for all guests at one time. Also has enough room for everyone in the sun at the same time too. We have lots of options here.

The Cabana Boat / Tiki Boat is fully shaded for all guests

Does the tour boat go out if it's raining?

It really depends on the group. If there is only light rain and the guests do not mind getting a little wet, we can still go. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case in Florida. Most often rain will result in lightning as well. In the case of lightning or high winds, we will cancel, reschedule, or refund your trip. We leave the final call to the Captain of the boat, they know Floirda weather very well. 

What is the best time to take the sightseeing boat tour?

Sunset is the all-around best time for tours. It’s the coolest time in summer, but common to have afternoon thunderstorms, so it has a higher chance of cancelation. We see wildlife regularly on all tour times and year-round, so pick the time that works best for your schedule.

Are dogs allowed on the boat tour?

Yes! In fact, if you’d like, we are happy to bring First Mate Mildred as well. She is a Golden Retriever that loves boat rides and people.

Do you need to make reservations for boat tours ahead of time?

Yes, please give us as much notice as you can. Since most Boat Tours are private we do not have a Captain on site unless a tour is booked for them. Same day reservations are possible with enough notice.

What is the refund policy for the Tour Boat?

The point of this cancelation policy is to take you on a boat tour. We don’t want to charge you and not take you on a boat tour. If you cancel last minute or book a tour and don’t show up, you leave a captain on shore with no one to take on a tour. Within the 12-hour window, they likely passed up the opportunity to take someone else. Let’s just go on a boat tour.

• Cancelation more than 12 hours before the tour start time will receive a full refund or rescheduling.

• Cancelation of fewer than 12 hours until tour start time will be charged $100.

• No-call-no-shows will be charged the full boat tour amount.

All Boat Tour bookings made by phone require a credit card that will be charged for the full amount of the Boat Tour. Online bookings made through our website will take full payment at the time of booking. Without an authorized card or full payment, your trip is not confirmed, and a captain will not be scheduled. You may change cards or pay cash on the day of the charter, you can even split charges between humans.
The captain may cancel the Boat Tour for weather or mechanical issues at any time. You will be rescheduled or refunded if unable to reschedule. Only the Captain may cancel for weather, Florida weather is unique, and rain percentage does not necessarily mean it will rain.

Is smoking allowed on the tour boats?

Nope. Please do not smoke on the tour boats.

What will I see on the Boat Tour?

You will see the most biodaiverse waterway in North America, the beautiful Indian River Lagoon, and all it has to offer. From mansions to bottlenose dolphins, no two tours are ever the same. The most common wildlife are dolphins, we also see manatees and an incredible variety of birds.

Where do I park to take the boat tour?

We have free parking that we share with Riverside Cafe. Here’s a Google Maps link to our location
Google Maps to Vero Watersports

Do I have to wear a lifejacket on the Boat Tour?

You are not required to wear a life jacket on our boat tours. Your tour boat will have enough Type 1 life jackets for everyone on board. However, you are welcome to wear one if that would make you more comfortable. Let your Captain know when boarding and we will get a more comfortable Type III for you to wear. We use the vest Type III life jackets for paddleboard and kayak rentals, they are much more comfortable to wear when out of the water. Your tour boat will still have the required Type 1 life jackets for commercial use.

How do I get gift certificates?

If you go to Vero Tackle Gift Certificates it will take you to our gift certificate pages. 

Will I get wet on the Boat Tour?

Not likely, possible though. If it’s windy there could be some spray if we are moving faster in search of wildlife. Most trips will be cruising at a slower speed so dont miss anything

How fast will the tour boat go?

Potamoi and Cabana Boat have a max speed of 24mph. We will spend most of the time at a leisurely 5mph though. Don’t want to miss anything.

Should I tip the tour boat Captain?

Do keep in mind that it is an industry standard to tip the Captain/Crew, but it’s not required and we’ll never ask for it. If we do a great job and you want to tip you’re Captain, please do. They will really appreciate it.

What should I wear on the Boat Tour?

Comfortable outdoor clothing works well. It’s a good idea to bring a jacket too. It can get chilly in the wintertime and more so around sunset.



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